Yeaaaahhhh. ;u; Im not really sure why, and its not a big deal or anything, just kinda annoying, aha. xD 

My colds definitely better than it was last Sunday, or really most of this week though, so thats good! :D Im not coughing near as much as I was~ ewe

Im not on my laptop tonight, since I had to turn it off and move it so I had somewhere to put my plate for supper tonight, so I cant really type a whole lot about last weekend tonight, ehhhh. D: 

Im gonna try to talk about it tomorrow, though, assuming I have the chance, but Im not sure if I will or not, since Im gonna hopefully try to do at least some stuff for my film and video class tomorrow. .3. 

Anyway, its really late again, and Im kinda tired, so I think Im gonna get off for tonight. ;o; 

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and Ill try to get more written here then if I can! uvu

Good night guys! :3